Standard AS Fire Panel Warning Signs Local Control Station Thermal Fuse Isolation Switch

Australian Standard Fire Panels are all compatible with FirePro Generators. The Sigma XT panel has a Gas Card to enable delays and warning signs etc. Can operate as a main FIP or Sub FIP and can interface will all types of AS panels.

Warning Signs are an integral part of the Fire System under Australian Standards.
• System Inoperative – WP available
• Fire Alarm – Evacuate Area – WP available
• Fire Alarm – Do Not Enter – WP available

AS 4487-2013 requires a Local Control Station(LCS) if there are multiple entrances to a risk area. An LCS is required at each door. The LCS will has a Manual Activation switch and a Mode Switch built in, as well as mimic indicators from the main panel functions.

Australian Standards require a system activated advice to be sent to the Fire Panel. This is achieved with a thermal fuse which is connected to the FirePro Generators. Connection to the Thermal Fuse is via a Deutsch Plug to allow for easy removal of units should maintenance or access be required.

AS require a monthly test of Systems. This switch allows monthly testing without disruption of connected devices and creates a fault at the panel. We recommend the use of this switch computer servers etc which should not be shutdown during monthly tests.