Standard AS Fire Panel Warning Signs Local Control Station Thermal Fuse
Australian Standard Fire Panels are all compatible with FirePro Generators. The Sigma XT panel has a Gas Card to enable delays and warning signs etc. Can operate as a main FIP or Sub FIP and can interface will all types of AS panels. Warning Signs are an integral part of the Fire System under Australian Standards. • System Inoperative • Fire Alarm – Evacuate Area • Fire Alarm – Do Not Enter – WP available AS 4487-2013 requires a Local Control Station(LCS) if there are multiple entrances to a risk area. An LCS is required at each door. The LCS will has a Manual Activation switch and a Mode Switch built in, as well as mimic indicators from the main panel functions. Standards require a system activated advice to be sent to the Fire Panel. A thermal fuse is connected to the FirePro Generators. Connection to the Thermal Fuse is via a Deutsch Plug to allow for easy removal should maintenance be required.
Isolation Switch Vizulinx Module FP-08942 Dual Tone Sounder  
AS require a monthly test of Systems. This switch allows monthly testing without disruption of connected devices and creates a fault at the panel. We recommend the use of this switch for devices which should not be shutdown during monthly tests. Vizulinx is a fire alarm management solution which enables you to monitor your fire systems remotely. Highly configurable using an embedded web server and simple configuration wizard, it can be used to pass fire system events via e-mail, SMS, Modbus and message format using an IP connection. EN54-3 approved electronic LED beacon sounder. Allows two separate levels of alarm (pre-alarm, alarm) controllable via independent contacts. The device is multitone tones with a strobe flashing light. Suitable for outdoor applications – IP65.