Ideal for manufacturing logistics or power infrastructure.  No Fan integrity testing required.   No pipework, and space and weight saving.   Low pressure on activation – no pressure relief required.   Environmentally firendly.
FirePro’s total flooding condensed aerosol technology ensures fast, reliable and effective fire suppression.  Built in failsafe activation.
Compliance & Design Issues

The system will be designed to AS 4487 and AS1670.  The basis of the calculation will be on GROSS VOLUME of the risk. LEAKAGE AREA is identified on the design.
There are 2 types of design calculations available – selection will depend on the risk
• General – limited leakage from Area  
• Lithium – specific for this Risk type    

Components & System Schematic
Areas to Focus
Positioning of FirePro Units Cable Sigma XT Control Panel Signs & Local Control Stations Thermal Fuse Test Equipment
Conventional Panel
  – Can be used as main Panel – AS7240.
  – or CIE where other panel is main.
  – If CIE solid door installed.

Detection available as 2 or 8 zone.

• FirePro Circuits are fully monitored.
• Mimic Panel shows Status of FP Units.

• Activation ISOLATE KEY switch on Panel

• Max 80 FirePro Units per Gas Card

• Use two types of Detection – smoke/heat
  – configure for Dual Knock activation.
  – dont mix detector types in a single circuit.

SHUTDOWN of systems required:
  – air conditioning.
  – power etc particularly in Battery systems.

Complies to AS 4487 and AS 1670

Uses 484 Bus Communications.

MAX of 7 Devices using serial comms.

MAX of 3 Devices from Status Power
• Cannot use 24v AUX power on Gas Module.

DONT use “T” connections on 485 bus.

• Each Device must have separate address.

• if more than 7 – use mimic connections.

Components to allow for maintenance.
• Locate clear of mechanical-weather.
• FirePro to be secure. Use of HD brackets.
• Minimum safe distances as specified.
• Means of egress or rescue.
Cable install is critical.
• Consider Cable path.
• Must use screened cable for FirePro Units.
• Use conduit where exposed.
• Replaces Press.switch “Released” advice.
• Mount to FP unit closets to Panel.
• Fuse is a normally CLOSED Circuit.
• May require setting change on Panel.
• Test Module should be connected first.
• Plug directly to panel this isolates all units.
• Runs on 9v Battery.