• FirePro is first aerosol system that was approved to AS4487-2013 the current standard.
• FirePro does not use pyrotechnic solid aerosol compound (Class 4.1 flam. solid). FirePro can be air-freighted at a cheaper cost and the process has less restrictions.
• FirePro cooling material is natural – alumina based (others use materials which produce harmful toxic chemicals, e. g., NOx, NH3, HCN).
• FirePro in certified to High Voltage environments up to 75,000v, other aerosols have LOWER limits.
• FirePro in passed Explosive Environment tests with UL. Others are restricted from this application.
• FirePro can be used in A Class Fires. Others are restricted from this application.
• FirePro uses robust activator, non pyrotechnic. Competitor pyrotechnic material: instability temperature rise, decay of with time, reduced life time.
• FirePro is environmentally friendly.
• Safe for humans, H & S issues, non toxic according to international institutions.
• FirePro has a certified life of 15 years (though can go longer).
• FirePro has self activation temperature of 300°C, competition – 230°C.
INERT GASES (e.g., Inergen, Argonite, etc)

HALOCARBONS (e.g. FM200, HFC227ea)
• Extinguish fire by removing oxygen. Hazard due to depleted oxygen.
• Area to be protected needs to be pressure relieved or can cause damage.
• 1 Unit FirePro = 40 Units Inert Gas (required quantity).
• Extinguish fire by heat absorption and some chemical reaction effect.
• At high temperature gives off HF, CO – highly toxic. Can cause frost bite.
• 1 Unit FirePro = 6 – 7.5 Units Halocarbons (required quantity).
FLUORINATED KETONES (e. g., Novec 1230) CO2
• Liquid which rapidly gasifies.
• Thermal decomposition produces HF & COF2 – toxic.
• 1 Unit FirePro = 6 – 9 Units FK (required quantity).
• Highly pressurised – Not Suitable for A Class Fires.
• Toxic to humans.
• 1 Unit FirePro = 15.5 Units CO2 (required quantity).
• Installation of Gaseous Systems require Licensed Personnel, this is Federal Legislation – costly and time consuming reporting 
• FirePro is a system that has separate components acting together – failure of a component will not cause failure of the system.
  Compared to pressurised systems where any component failure will normally result in complete failure of the system.
• FirePro is electrically monitored – so installers and operators will always be aware of any system faults.
  Compared to pressurised systems where any piping or valves may be faulty and the operator in unaware – and system will not operate.
• Normally require Fan test to determine pressure capacity of risk
• Activation pressure of Gases normally requires structural preparation of risk to cope with the pressure.
• Activation of gases systems produces a loud noise 90-120db, this noise can damage to Hard Disks in Data centers.
• Valves, piping, robust supports, brackets.
• Higher maintenance requirements.
• Re-filling requires removal of tanks and specialised filling equipment.
• More space required, and significant weight differences.
• Restrictions in certain applications due to nature of product and impractical installation.
• Longer installation times and higher installation costs.
APPLICATIONS – Local Protection v Total flooding…with FirePro you have a choice
Local Protection withing the Risk eg: Electrical Cabinets, Raised Floors, Ceiling Spaces…etc
Room Protection eg: Computer Rooms, Archives, Engine Rooms
Transport & Machinery eg: Engine Compartments, Outboard Motors
We recommend that you look at the FirePro movies to see the various applications, the setup of equipment when installed, and also the way that FirePro discharges.
FirePro® products are built to exacting standards of engineering and manufacturing and are rigidly inspected before leaving our premises. FirePro® warrants those components manufactured by FirePro® to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of purchase. During the warranty period, any defective part will be repaired or replaced. This warranty is valid if:
• the system has been installed by a suitably trained and CERTIFIED technician in strict accordance with the Installation, and Maintenance Manual.
• the customer records verify that the system has been serviced in strict accordance with the aforementioned manual

This warranty does not cover normal use and wear of any part, defects resulting from modification, alteration, misuse, exposure to corrosive conditions or extremely high temperatures. In no event shall FirePro® be liable for incidental or consequential damages.