AS Standard Fire Panels FP-C2 Panel FP-08451 Control Panel FP-08100 Control Panel FP-08450 Panel
Australian Standard Fire Panels are all compatible with FirePro Generators. The Sigma XT panel has a Gas Card to enable delays and warning signs etc. Can operate as a main FIP or Sub FIP and can interface will all types of AS panels.

Can be used as sub-panel or main panel for local protection solutions has monitored circuits, can use LHD, heat or smoke detectors, activate up to 4 FirePro units. • automatic extinguishing • 24vDC Power • signal for fire/fault conditions.

Vehicle AS 5062 Panel. Features • Manual or Auto operation • Twin power supply inputs • 2 Detection circuits – works with Thermal ROR, smoke detectors, or LHD • Monitored circuits • Options for delayed or 2nd shot and Shutdown relay • 12-24vDC.

Simple NON-Monitored Control Panel can be used in Vehicle or Marine Applications. Can be configured to operate with/without LHD detection. IP65 Rated 12-24vDC. Has inbuilt siren with output available for external siren. Activates up to 4 FP Units.

Control Panel.Features • Manual or Auto operation • Twin power supply inputs available • 2 Detection circuits – works with Thermal ROR, smoke detectors, or LHD • All circuits monitored • Options for delayed or 2nd shot and shutdowns • Compliant to NSCV.

Auto Dailers Detectors FP-08940 Sounder/Strobe Other Signs FP-08800 FirePro Test Simulator
This is a 4G compatible small sized SMS alarm unit. It has 2 Contact inputs and 2 x Analog inputs and 1 x temperature and humidity input. Other units available – click More

• Photo Electric Smoke
• Thermal 60°C ROR (20°C over 1 min) Combo
• Thermal 90°C ROR (20°C over 1 min) Combo
• Linear Heat Detection 185°C

• Audible and visual device
• Requires single installation point.
• Operating Voltage 9-28vDC

Signage required for Fire Suppression Systems.

Used in commissioning and testing of the systems. Each system has different requirements for this device – check manual for correct selection.

FP-09500 Fire Rated Shielded Cable FP-C5 Dust Seals FP-14053 Switch System Cable Looms
Electrical Installations to be completed using 2 Core Screened Fire Rated Cable.

Autonomous fire suppression system • Primary power source: 3Vdc battery • Battery monitoring feature • Single input detection loop • Linear heat detector cable or a bimetallic sensor

Vinyl Dust Seals to protect from dust, vermin & debris.:

FP-06910 for FP-1200 – 5700
FP-06920 for FP-0100 – 0500
FP-06930 for FP-0040 – 0080

Aluminium Moulded Switch with SS mount. Safety pin to protect against accidental activation.

Color Coded for easy Installation. IP68 and rated to UL94 Flammability test. Supplied to correct lengths.