Fires and explosions are acknowledged risks associated with all stages of agricultural production around the world. Build-up of debris on agricultural machinery, stored agricultural crops, fuel storage facilities and grain dust explosions entail a very high risk of fire. High temperatures in the engine and exhaust systems can easily ignite debris and cause uncontrolled catastrophic fires. These rapidly expanding fires can indeed cause costly damages, entirely destroy machinery, spread fire to crops or even cause fatalities.  
FirePro fire suppression systems are robust, dependable, autonomous and effective. These systems are easily serviced in the field and thus minimize the amount of downtime and lost productivity in case of a fire incident. They can also be specifically designed for particular applications that are considered challenging or too costly to protect with other technologies. Moreover, they are friendly to the environment, people and crops.

FirePro fire suppression systems minimize damages and downtime by detecting and extinguishing fire at the source. FirePro fire suppression system can significantly reduce damage to machinery, storage rooms and any collateral damage to other assets in the event that a fire does occur. The systems are compact, easy to install, environmentally friendly and not pressurised making them ideal for the agriculture industry.

FirePro is ideal for protection of Agricultural Equipment and Facilities