FirePro Fire Suppression systems are ideal for vehicles and mobile plant found in the mining, logistics, construction and forestry industries. The system can be fitted to all sizes of vehicle as well as all types of mobile plant including mobile lighting towers, cranes, hydraulic power packs etc.

FirePro fire suppression systems are compact, easy to install and not pressurised, making them a unique fire extinguishing solution for vehicles and plant. FirePro systems are currently protecting critical applications for numerous leading organizations around the world.

Installed in and around your vehicle’s engine, vehicle fire suppression systems detect and suppress fire. They can use a variety of detection systems to reliably identify fire threats. The system can be operated manually or automatically, depending on the specific requirements. Once activated the system will discharge the aerosol generators which will completely suppresses the fire. This minimises damage to vehicles, as well as potential harm to operators and passengers.

The fire suppression system works by flooding a volume of space, such as a vehicle engine compartment, with a patented fire extinguishing agent of condensed aerosol. The system can be easily retrofitted to existing equipment providing a cost effective solution for vehicle engine compartments.

FirePro is ideal for Vehicle or Mobile Plant Fire Protection